A Frenzy of Excitement!

For our December blog series we are examining the Non-Profit Marketing Trends of 2012 this month based on a survey of 1,288 nonprofits and their strategies, fears, and plans for the New Year.

In our last two blogs of the year, in true New Year’s fashion, we will look ahead to what excites and scares the participants in this survey. Some of the scary things mentioned were competing for supporters’ attention, fear of trying social media, the slow economy, and staff burnout as a result of fewer dollars with more work to do than ever. But there was much excitement to be found:

1. Investing in New Websites – Many nonprofits have realized that old brochure-style websites don’t work anymore and have invested in making their websites more user-focused and interactive.

a. “Finishing and launching our new website which will provide us with a better way to highlight our aid work and generate more interest in and donations for our projects.”

b. “Having a new website to help integrate all of our online marketing.” “Promoting and working with our new website.”

2. Having Real Plans in Place for the First Time – Communicators are thrilled that their organizations are finally taking marketing and communications seriously and are developing marketing plans, as well as fully incorporating marketing into their strategic plans.

a. “Finally evolving our communications strategy and having a real plan!” “Setting goals that all parties will buy into.”

b. “Boldly going where no one has gone before . . . we have never developed a marketing plan, ever. Until now!”

Can you relate to any of these goals? We hope that your interest has been piqued and you are considering what goals you and your organization might make for the New Year. More excitement to come in our last blog of 2012!

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