A Cox Communications Love Story

Lucira Jane Nebelung has intertwined love and leadership in her latest People &Strategy article.  I know it sounds fuzzy and a little “Kumbaya,” but in our last blog we talked about 1,026% returns and today we will talk total business turnaround.  And it all begins with love.

Nebelung lists the four components of love that, when integrated, enables leading as love

  • Care – active concern about the well-being and growth of all.
  • Understanding – actively seeking, learning, and valuing what we and others offer and truly want and need
  • Respect – the freedom for full expression and generating full self-realization
  • Responsiveness – knowing and attempting to fulfill our needs for relationship, purpose, and growth

These cannot be a series of actions, but internalized within us as leaders.  This does not require us to be soft, but instead there is a mutual commitment among people for results and accountability.

Cox Communications of Arizona illustrates how leading as love can result in sustainable business success.  Cleve Stevens described in a recent Harvard Business Review how Cox turned around based on four tenets of care, growth, contribution, and meaning.  These became the principles that guided the development of the vision, the leaders, and business decisions.  It was a painful process of weeding out leaders that could or would not share this philosophy, refining Cox’s vision, accountability partners for leadership; and truly fulfilling employee, customer, and community needs.

In just more than two years Cox doubled revenues from $700 million to $1.3 billion.  Love with financial gain – how does that sound?



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