I imagine that the data collection we discussed in our last blog took quite a bit of time and effort.  The data collection process is lengthy but pays off in the end with careful pre-planning and effective analysis and use of that data.  Please feel free to call us if you get stuck!  We will press on today and identify the relationship between the things you want to do and the resources required to do them.

Refer back to the gap analysis you conducted. Does your organization have access to the resources you plan to use and can it support the program activities you plan to implement?  Consider the following questions:

• Who needs this program?

• Why do they need this program?

• What activities must this program include to meet these needs?

• What resources must we acquire to support these activities?

• Do we have all of these resources on-hand?

• If no, what activities will we forego in order to use our resources more effectively? Or, what new resources will be seek/acquire in order to effectively implement all of the activities?

This is a time to brainstorm and dream big.  Program evaluation is an important undertaking and the perfect time to make changes to improve your services and organization as a whole.  Ask these questions throughout the vertical structure of your organization to get a holistic picture of the resources you need and the resources you lack, as well as finding innovative solutions for your resource challenges.


Please let us know if any of your findings surprise you, and what new resources you will attempt to obtain.